Little Miss Sunshine | Aleeyah |8yrs old|


Beaming with joy, the first thing I noticed when I met Aleeyah was her smile! Aleeyah, only 8 years old was diagnosed on September 15, 2017 with stage 4 Nodual Scerolosis Hodgkins Lymphoma (NSHL). She recently began her 2nd cycle of chemotherapy at St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, OK. As of right now, the cancer has been found in the lymph nodes in her neck, chest & abdomen. Her mom says Aleeyah is the bravest girl she knows. Now, she may be a bit biased, but I think I have to agree with her! Even when I went to visit Little Miss Sunshine in the hospital, she still gave me that big smile that can light up a room!

“My girl is my world. This is a devastating diagnosis that no one could EVER be prepared for. Although you have to be strong and stay positive, there are so many emotionally grueling days. I know there’s going to be many of those tough days ahead of us including trips to hospitals etc. We are just trying to take everything one day at a time. Prayer, having a good attitude and remembering that God is in control is how we are getting through our days.” -Hadiya, Aleeyah’s mother

Aleeyah has so much love for her 5 older bothers and her younger sister. Along with her mom and dad, her brothers are her best protectors; she’s their world. Aleeyah loves school, baking, helping those in need and especially loves her friends. She enjoys reading, writing and playing sports. Although she has missed much of the season due to illness, Aleeyah loves cheering for Union as well as playing soccer.

Aleeyah’s family is currently waiting to receive a scan to see how the 2 cycles of chemotherapy has worked thus far. Her mom tells me that Aleeyah remains in good spirits. The loss of most of her hair has caused some ups and downs, but she knows everything is going to get better day by day. Of course some days are better than others, but her family works hard at trying to keep her cheered up.

Please keep Aleeyah and her family in your prayers as they walk through this journey together. If you would like to donate to Aleeyah’s fund to help ease the financial burden her family is facing, you can click on the link below.

As always, if you know a child or teen who may be a candidate for a Journeys of Hope session, please contact me. Connect with me on Facebook: Katie Cariker Photography & Design



Beads of Courage


Beads of Courage

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